06 March 2013

It's that time to think seed starting :)

Seed starting isn’t really all that difficult, once you know some basic information and tips. We could go on for a long time about this subject but for now let’s keep it brief. In seed starting there is a plethora of equipment and tools you can buy, you can go super thrifty or extremely professional, but you really just need a few basics.

A. Trays- Black plastic trays are simple to keep water from ruining your furniture and floors. This will also hold in heat and contain your plants. If you try to use something too flimsy or with sides not high enough, they tend to fall over and get damaged.

B. Watering- 2 items are ideal, a spray bottle and a watering can with a small spout. This way you can mist the soil surfaces and water seedlings without damaging young plants. The small spout watering can allows controlling the flow and not knocking over tender plants.

C. Seeds- Good quality seeds will yield good quality plants. Organic seeds and Heirloom seeds are also available
Thats all there is to it, now it's time to have some fun in the dirt :)
Posted by Ian Stillman